Positano is one of the most photographed towns of Amalfi Coast. Its wonderful landscapes have always attracted and inspired artists, painters and photographers. Sunset, beaches, sea are like real models waiting to be photographed. During the night Positano is even more picturesque thanks to the soft lights of houses and alleys on the hill that transform the town in a crib.

Visitors cannot absolutely forget the camera: they would deeply regret it.

In this part of our website, we tried to give an idea of what Positano is: but we cannot convey the flavours, the sounds and the pleasant odours of this magic town. We cannot reproduce the sweet breeze that comes from the sea at sunset; we cannot convey the typical pleasant odours of the beach and of the sea.

Here you can find the photos of Positano, as well as picture galleries of Amalfi Coast and of its beautiful towns, clicking on the name of the place you are interested in: Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello, Furore, Agerola, Minori, Maiori.