Would you like to live special ceremonies? Get married in Positano!


    If you desire to live special ceremonies, for example your wedding, to celebrate the most important moments and events of your life, the perfect choice is Amalfi Coast, for example Positano. Amalfi Coast is the perfect setting and Positano is just one of its treasures. The divine coast goes from the Gulf of Salerno to the one of Naples and is made of thirteen wonderful jewels: Vietri sul mare, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, Scala, Praiano, Atrani, Positano, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore, and Tramonti. If you are going to organize your wedding or you are going to live an important event of your life, you can choose to celebrate it on this wonderful Coast. You will be excited to live your best moments on Amalfi Coast, in Positano, and people getting your invitations will be even more excited. Celebrating in Positano your wedding (or any other celebrations) is the ideal way to spend some days in one of the most beautiful and loved places of the world. You will have the perfect setting: elegant villas, ancient and beautiful churches, a perfect catering services, agencies that will solve any organizational issues and produce any documents you may need. Celebrating your wedding in Positano also means being in a long honeymoon because you will be in a strategic position: you can easily reach other towns of Amalfi Coast; Salerno; Naples; Pompeii with its incredible excavations and the sanctuary; Paestum and its wonderful temples; the archaeological area in Velia; the beautiful small towns of Cilento Coast. Wedding and honeymoon will meet if you choose Amalfi Coast for your ceremony.

    Landscapes are beautiful, with the creeks, the hidden beaches, the terraced lands covered by the bright yellow of lemons; sea is crystalline; weather is mild. This is actually the perfect place to live unforgettable moments that will last for ever thanks to the photos the skilled local photographers will take for you. In Positano (and on the whole Coast) you will find great professionals, skilled photographers that will give you everlasting memories of your events thanks to their beautiful photos. You can choose the beautiful church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption for your wedding and you will thus give to people receiving your invitation the possibility to appreciate one of the treasures of Amalfi Coast and of Positano. The church was built in XII century and has a big mosaic glazed dome and the Byzantine picture portraying the Black Madonna with the Child (according to the legend it arrived by sea). Positano will be a charming and picturesque place to celebrate the wedding. Positano is made of a picturesque cascade of small houses, crossed by narrow streets and staircases, with nice beaches. Artists from all over the world go there because they find an elegant and charming life. Three miles from the coast, there are “Li Galli” or “Sirenuse”, a very small archipelago, made of three small isles: “Gallo lungo”, “Rotonda” and “Castelluccio” considered the mythic place where mermaids lived. The name “Li Galli” comes from iconography of mermaids in the archaic figurative Greek art, where they were portrayed as birds with a human face.

    If you want, you can also buy your wedding dress here: Positano is the town of fashion with the famous style Moda Positano. Positano is very important in the world also for its fashion: there are many shops and boutiques, that sell many different kinds of beautiful frocks and dresses made of traditional handkerchief. Irene Kowaliska arrived in Positano in 1942 and stayed there until 1956 and produced models for fabrics that show blue women on the terraces or at the windows, on a white background with the typical landscape of Positano at their back. This is called “moda Positano”: a variegated, polychrome, exotic fashion.

    And as to the menu? Local restaurants, from the cheapest restaurant to the most elegant one, will provide delicious fish-based recipes, cooked with local fish and the delicious local olive oil. The protagonist of the menu is fish and lemon. Lemons are used for cakes and to make the "limoncello", a traditional yellow liqueur famous all over the world. Lemons are mostly sweet; the peel is thick and tender and very odorous. They can also be eaten in slices, as a dessert, with or without sugar. The tasteful local wine will accompany the delicious menus.